The Clinic’s Main Areas of Operation

The department’s main areas of operation include operations on the carotid arteries for stroke prevention.

Over the past few years, extensive scientific studies have proven that carotid surgery is now only indicated for very specific severe stenoses of the neck vessels. In establishing an indication for surgery, we strictly adhere to the recommendations of the German Scientific Associations for Vascular Surgery and Angiology.

We have also been offering stent implantation in the area of the carotid bifurcation for certain indications since January 2006.

All reconstructions of the neck vessels, which are capable of effectively preventing a stroke with limited surgical stress and a very low surgical risk, are subject to quality assurance and the regulations on minimum volumes.

The St.-Antonius-Hospital not only fulfils the minimum volume requirements, but is also well below the German national average in terms of surgical complications. Diagnosis of disturbances in cerebral blood flow has been substantially improved over the past few years by using ultrasound imaging methods combined with flow measurement (colour Duplex sonography), by MRT angiography and by angio CT.

Operations on the abdominal aorta in cases of aneurysms (bulges) or occlusions and stenoses are further examples of the department's principal interventions.

Well-trained operating surgeons, short operating times, expert care by qualified staff and good interdisciplinary cooperation enable the department to maintain a low surgical risk and low complication rates.

Since June 2006, we have also been offering stent implantation in selected patients with aortic aneurysms.

This enables the length of hospital stays to be substantially reduced.

One of the department’s main tasks is to treat circulatory disorders in the arteries of the legs (intermittent claudication, smoker's leg).

In the department, we make use of the entire range of conservative or surgical treatment methods. In addition to the established surgical techniques (endarterectomies, bypass operations), modern minimally invasive procedures such as balloon catheter dilation (PTA) or insertion of vascular supports (stents) are also being used increasingly.

Following such procedures, a brief outpatient stay lasting 2-3 days is often sufficient. More major operations can often be avoided through use of these minimally invasive techniques.

Over the past four years, we have quadrupled the number of operations performed in the field of angioplasty and stent implantations and now carry out more than 150 minimally invasive interventions every year.

In addition, lysis therapy (dissolution of blood clots using drugs) of acute vascular occlusions, is now, in cooperation with the Clinic for Internal Medicine, a regular part of the treatments offered by our department.

Treatment of varicose veins is performed according to the latest scientific knowledge using the minimally invasive methods available on a partly outpatient basis.

Complications relating to diabetes mellitus frequently involve stenoses and occlusions of large and small blood vessels.

This is often accompanied by a lack of feeling, which can lead to circulatory disorders and wounds, particularly in the feet and toes. It is only with timely conservative or surgical treatment with complementary care by the Diabetology Department of the institution's Clinic for Internal Medicine that circulation can be successfully improved and major limb amputations can be avoided.

Crural bypass surgery (establishment of a venous bypass on individual vessels of the lower leg below the knee joint) is also regularly used.

The Clinic for Vascular Surgery is also a competent partner of the dialysis ward affiliated with the St.-Antonius-Hospital, as well as the dialysis centres of the city and district of Aachen.

The clinic provides an entire spectrum of care around the clock, treating dialysis patients using dialysis catheters, shunt systems and corrective interventions.

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