Paediatric Urology

A further main area of interest in clinical work is the treatment of congenital malformations in childhood. Our clinic offers a consultation especially for children in which, alongside Prof. Steffens and his Senior Physicians, an experienced anaesthetist explains everything that parents need to know about the surgery required.

Circumcision and correction of undescended testes form the majority of operations, which are performed 500 times a year on an outpatient basis.

The planned establishment of an outpatient surgery department at the St.-Antonius-Hospital will help to deal with increasing demand in the future.

The treatments offered by the clinic include those involving malformations requiring inpatient treatment after surgery, such as shortening of the urinary orifice (hypospadias), congenital ureteral stenosis and reflux of urine from the bladder into the kidneys.

The most significant focus of this department is the diagnosis and treatment of bedwetting and frequent urinary tract infections.

In addition to treatments based on traditional medicine, pain and side-effect-free LASER acupuncture is increasingly being successfully used in the case of bedwetting children. This treatment is carried out outside normal consultation hours by a doctor from the department who is experienced in Chinese medicine. Laser acupuncture represents a sensible, non-invasive, pain-free and cost-effective treatment measure for children with monosymptomatic primary nocturnal enuresis who are resistant to other treatments. It further expands the range of treatment options available to our young patients and leads to excellent results.



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