A High-Tech Urological Device Sets New Standards in Innovative Treatments

With the "Omnia UROSCOPE", the Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology at the
St.-Antonius-Hospital in Eschweiler has brought an innovative, multifunctional high tech device that promises substantial advantages for patients and staff into service. This new urological operating table, which is equipped with the very latest digital X-ray technology, is ideal for both urological examinations and diagnosis and for all urological interventions performed by endoscopy. These include both percutaneous interventions, i.e. those performed through the skin, and kidney and bladder stone operations, as well as all interventions performed through the urethra on the prostate or bladder and ureteral endoscopies.

A Significant Reduction in Radiation Exposure

"We now have an ultra-modern device that is capable of imaging the entire urogenital tract with excellent picture quality in a single image acquisition. The infinitely adjustable height of the table means that patients can comfortably get onto and off of the table and only need to be positioned once. Due to the fact that only one image is now required using this technique, the radiation exposure can be reduced by up to 70 percent in comparison to conventional imaging methods, which is a huge advantage for patients, physicians and specialist medical staff", says Professor Joachim Steffens, delighted with his department’s new highlight. The particularly low-radiation paediatric programme is specifically geared to the examination and treatment of babies and small children, providing a further important advantage of the Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology.

Perfect Access from All Sides

The curved X-ray stand provides specialist medical staff with unhindered access from all sides, meaning that it is easier for them to carry out their work. This removes the need to move the patient and enables the anaesthetist to stay in one position. This factor, along with the direct and digitally networked viewing of the images on pivoting wide-screen monitors, shortens the intervention time by up to 30 percent and also increases patient safety. The two monitors are arranged in parallel and therefore enable the urologists to simultaneously retrieve X-ray, endoscopic or ultrasound images.

This innovative urological device has even more benefits, as Senior Physician Dr Sascha Schmidt explains: "We are also able to treat obese patients weighing up to 270 kg on the special table. Its overall ergonomic design with a worktable that can be inclined up to 90° means that this unit offers further major advantages over previous generations of equipment. These advantages are not only noticeable in terms of more comfort and less stress for the patients, but also for the treatment team, which no longer needs to deal with elaborate changes in position and can instead specifically concentrate on the interventions and examinations taking place, aided by a free view of the monitors from any working position."

Important to Remember

"Nevertheless, even the most modern devices contribute nothing without the people who operate them professionally and instil the necessary confidence in the patient", stresses Professor Joachim Steffens. Amongst the many valuable members of his clinic he singles out "three grandees" who have been contributing to the department’s success for many years: the surgical specialists Hans-Josef Esser, Isolde Schade and Maria Lannott. The hospital’s Chief Executive, Elmar Wagenbach, echoes this, turning towards his "Finance Minister", the Commercial Director of the St.-Antonius-Hospital, Michael Hanke, before adding: "We are constantly working on further development in all areas. Thanks to the financial backing from Economic Package II, we have now been able to replace a device that was 12 years old with this ultra-modern unit. Without it we would not have been able to raise the funds needed for the necessary building alterations, which amount to around € 400,000 this year."


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