Range of Services

The main focus of the clinic is placed on the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases in the discipline of urology. Alongside a broad and innovative range of surgical treatments for such diseases, we also offer a comprehensive range of modern diagnostic procedures.

By working with the hospital’s Clinic for Radiation and Clinic for Oncology, we can guarantee that any further treatment that may be required will be carried out in line with the very latest research.

  • Prostatic tumours
  • Bladder tumours and urinary diversion (incontinent, continent)
  • Ureteral tumours
  • Renal tumours
  • Adrenal tumours
  • Testicular tumours
  • Penile tumours
  • Tumours of the posterior abdominal cavity

Treatment of prostate cancer is one of the clinic’s specialities. Based on the guidelines of the German Cancer Society, the Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology has set up a certified Prostatic Carcinoma Centre. We work closely with doctor’s practices in the region to promote and develop optimum patient care.

Other diagnostic and therapeutic services provided by the clinic include:

  • Benign prostatic enlargement
  • Stone diseases (kidney, ureter and bladder stones)
  • Paediatric urology
  • Male and female urinary incontinence
  • Urethral surgery
  • Genital/inguinal
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Laparoscopic/retroperitoneoscopic surgery (‘keyhole surgery’)
  • Urological X-ray
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