Reconstructive Surgery

Tumour surgery:

  • Removal of skin changes (moles, basaliomas, melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, etc.) using fine tissue diagnostics and a procedure consistent with medical guidelines, including necessary defect coverage and reconstruction in accordance with aesthetic guidelines
  • Functional and aesthetic reconstruction following tumour operations in the entire body and face
  • Correction of lid problems (ectropion) following surgery or tumour
  • Soft tissue tumours (fat/muscles/connective tissue/blood vessels) and sarcomas using a limb-saving surgical approach insofar as this is possible
  • Tumour aftercare and interdisciplinary treatment planning as part of our cooperation with the hospital’s Clinic for Oncology

Breast surgery:

  • Breast reconstruction, particularly using the body's own tissue and microsurgical methods (DIEP, TRAM, SIEA; SGAP, IGAP; TMG, latissimus dorsi), according to an individual patient-oriented approach within the context of extensive counselling interviews both as primary and secondary reconstruction following a previous mammectomy
  • Breast reconstruction according to the expander principle with prosthesis construction
  • Tumour surgery on male and female breasts in cooperation with the Breast Centre
  • Corrective operations following previous surgery or due to complications
  • Correction of malformations (tubular breast, Poland's syndrome, Amazon syndrome, etc.) and asymmetries
  • Gynaecomastia (surgery on the male breast) with minimal scarring
  • Funnel chest / chest wall deformities, minimally invasive

Abdominal wall:

  • Defect closures following previous operations involving complications, e.g. using free microsurgical tissue transplantation
  • Functional closure of extensive abdominal hernias using muscle replacement plastic surgery or artificial tissue replacement (mesh implants)
  • Treatment and covering of sternal defects (cicatrisation disturbance over the sternum) following heart operations

Functional and aesthetic reconstruction of malformations:

  • Malformations of the pinna and the face with possible construction using autologous cartilage transplantation
  • Haemangiomas/strawberry marks

Facial paralysis:

  • Facial reanimation following muscle replacement plastic surgery (e.g. according to Gillies, McLaughlin)
  • Restoration of lid function and correction of weeping eyes
  • Nerve transplantation / cross-face nerve grafting
  • Free muscle transplantation


  • Defect reconstruction using free transplantation of skin, muscle and bone tissue and vessels and nerves

Deformities (bedridden patients, accidents and burns):

  • Decubitus ulcer treatment (bedsores) involving using muscle-cushioning surgical flaps to cover local defects
  • Soft tissue injuries and defects in the entire body
  • Functional corrections
  • Scar corrections
  • Ostitis
  • Chronic wound healing disorders, e.g. due to poor circulation in the legs, in cooperation with the Clinic for Vascular Surgery
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