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Why (early) rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is still often a foreign word in acute care hospitals, despite the fact that a large number of scientific studies have proven that (unlike usual practice) rehabilitation that commences at an early stage in all specialist departments of an acute care clinic ("interdisciplinary") is particularly effective and often allows accelerated reintegration of patients into their domestic and/or occupational environments.

As a result, the expression "interdisciplinary early rehabilitation" was coined.

This means that rehabilitative treatment in an acute care hospital (as is particularly the case in the St.-Antonius-Hospital) begins immediately after surgery or acute medical treatment (and for patients of all clinics).

How does early rehabilitation work?

Immediately after inpatient admission to the hospital's specialist clinics, the rehabilitation physicians are informed and an ‘on-site’ rehabilitation visit is requested. During the latter, they define their rehabilitation objectives ("what is to be achieved?") and a rehabilitation prognosis ("what is the probability that the objectives will be achieved?") together  with the clinic’s doctors.

When it comes to early rehabilitation, the nature of the disease and the age of the patient do not play a role. The crucial elements of early rehabilitation are the three "rehabilitation criteria":

  • Need for rehabilitation (not: need for care)
  • Rehabilitation potential (i.e. being physically capable of being rehabilitated)
  • Willingness for rehabilitation

Depending on the particular symptoms, teams of therapists from all specialist areas are formed according to the patients' needs.

Daily team discussions allow all of the individuals involved in the rehabilitation to share opinions and to further coordinate and optimise the necessary measures.

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