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After a great deal of planning and preparation, we opened the Clinic for Interdisciplinary Early Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, which was financed by funding from the German Federal Government and the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, on 1st August 1998.

The Eschweiler model was the first of its kind in our Federal State and the third in Germany.

Until mid-2005, any patients needing intensive rehabilitation (e.g. from surgery, internal medicine, haematology/oncology, urology or gynaecology, hence "interdisciplinary") were cared for on their own ward (22 beds), where they received special care.

Since June 2005, early rehabilitative care of patients has no longer been provided in a single ward but instead directly on the wards of the other clinics, where a few beds are dedicated to early rehabilitation. This approach facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration between the specialist clinics and the Clinic for Interdisciplinary Early Rehabilitation and guarantees intensive complementary patient care from the very outset. This allows more intensive and complete dialogue with the other clinics at an earlier stage so that each patient’s specific requirements can be met. As a result, patients do not have to be moved around the hospital but can instead remain with the roommate, nursing staff and ward environment that are familiar to them, while the early rehabilitation treatment team visits them in their familiar environment.

Figures, Figures and More Figures

Since August 1998, more than 4800 patients (as of 2009) have been treated as inpatients in the Clinic for Interdisciplinary Early Rehabilitation, of which 60% are women and 40% men, with ages ranging from young people under 20 through to elderly people.

The most frequent of the diseases and injuries treated are bone fractures in all parts of the body (nearly 40% of cases), often involving multiple injuries. Severe concomitant problems that hamper the patients' rapid mobilisation are often also present.

More than 15% of our patients have suffered from central nervous system disorders such as a stroke. Patients have also been treated with vascular surgery including amputations, surgery for malignant neoplasms (tumours) in most organs and diseases of the cardiocirculatory system.

Despite the fact that many cases often involved severe illness, it has been possible to send almost 80% of patients home or to outpatient rehabilitation, which proves the effectiveness of the rehabilitation treatment in this clinic.

Other patients have been transferred to inpatient rehabilitation facilities, with relatively few being discharged to outpatient nursing.

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