The Friends Association Regionaler Onkologischer Schwerpunkt Eschweiler e. V. supports the work of the Oncology Department at St.-Antonius-Hospital in Eschweiler, as well as the Euregio Breast Centre and the Prostate Cancer Centre, in order to constantly improve the treatment of cancer patients at the hospital.

The Friends Association works intensively in the area of psychosocial counselling:

  • Helping with family problems
  • Providing information about treatment methods
  • Running seminars on different forms of cancer
  • Providing comprehensive counselling and care for cancer patients and relatives in order to help them cope with problems caused by their illness
  • Giving advice on care at home after discharge
  • Providing information about social and financial options and help in making applications
  • Providing information and assistance in applying for rehabilitation and aftercare assistance

It also coordinates voluntary assistance for patients

  • By organising weekly coffee afternoons
  • By accompanying and supporting patients and their relatives, including at home
  • By supporting dying patients and their relatives (bedside vigils, home visits, etc.)

The Friends Association is funded solely by donations.

Donation accounts:

  • Sparkasse Aachen - account no. 1216431, sort code 39050000
  • Raiffeisenbank Eschweiler - account no. 2502682019, sort code 39362254
  • VR-Bank eG - account no. 6103449012, sort code 39162980
  • Pax-Bank eG - account no. 1017902012, sort code 37060193

The fees for annual membership of the Friends Association are as follows:

€15.00/year for private membership
€250.00/year for corporate membership

If you would like to support us, please download the direct debit mandate, sign it and return it to us by post or fax (fax no. +49 (0)2403 76-1781).

Thank you for your support!


Please also refer to “Voluntary Work in the Clinic for Haematology and Oncology”

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Förderverein: Regionaler Onkologischer Schwerpunkt e. v. Eschweiler

(Eschweiler Regional Oncological Focus, a registered association)

Dechant-Deckers-Str. 8
52249 Eschweiler

+49 2403 76 -1119

St.-Antonius-Hospital gGmbH
Dechant-Deckers-Str. 8
52249 Eschweiler
tel.: 02403 76 - 0
fax: 02403 76 -1119

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