With the new appointment of Professor Peter Staib in early 2008, the Clinic for Haematology and Oncology at the St.-Antonius-Hospital was recognised as an "Integrated Centre for Oncology and Palliative Medicine" by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).

Many requirements had to be fulfilled in order to achieve this recognition, including:

  • Specialist qualifications for doctors and nursing staff in oncology and palliative medicine
  • Closely interlinked outpatient and inpatient care of cancer patients
  • Integrated cooperation with private doctors and specialists alongside outpatient nursing and hospice services

Other selection criteria included:

  • The quality of the hospital accommodation
  • Psychological and physiotherapeutic support
  • Qualified analgesic treatment
  • Professional advice in matters relating to social services
  • ‘Around the clock’ emergency treatment
  • Continued treatment until death
  • Participation in clinical trials
  • Training of specialists, specialist nursing staff and medical students

The certificate was awarded at a ceremony during the ESMO Annual Congress, which took place in Stockholm in September 2008. The St.-Antonius-Hospital was one of an elite few German oncological centres such as the University Clinic in Hamburg and the Charité Hospital in Berlin alongside international centres in London, Hong Kong and Australia.

Palliative Centre

Our terminally ill patients receive expert palliative care and support in our clinic.

Our large interdisciplinary team is made up of oncologists, internists and experts in palliative medicine, as well as palliative nursing staff, psycho-oncologists, pain therapists, social workers, pastoral workers, physiotherapists and voluntary workers who work with our dedicated nurses to care for patients 24 hours a day.

Close cooperation with our other surgical and medical departments is highly beneficial for our patients and enables us to offer the best possible care.

Our focus is always on restoring and maintaining the patient’s quality of life.

We also work in close cooperation with private doctors, experts in palliative medicine and palliative nursing services in order to ensure continuity of care at the patient’s home.

Our agreements with nearby hospices mean that patients can be transferred quickly and easily.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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