Department Organisation - Outpatient Department

In our Outpatient Department, haematology and oncology patients are cared for by our staff and also, under our supervision. by colleagues from the relevant clinics within the framework of the services provided by the EBZ (Euregio Breast Centre) and the PKZ (Prostatic Carcinoma Centre), depending on the underlying disease.

Due to the fact that we have the necessary staff and facilities in our Outpatient Department, we perform the majority of chemotherapy treatments on an outpatient basis. Transfusions, bone marrow punctures and organ and effusion punctures are also carried out here.

Out Outpatient Department is also home to a modern ultrasound device that allows us to perform blood vessel imaging alongside conventional ultrasound examinations.

Our Outpatient Department has 16 comfortable infusion chairs and 2 treatment booths with bed units.

A team of 13 nurses led by sister Kathi offers comprehensive care in our Outpatient Department.

Medical treatment is provided by four haematologist-oncologists, one gynaecologist and a urologist.

In order to prepare treatments quickly and effectively, our team of pharmacists and technical pharmaceutical assistants in the hospital’s Cytostatic Laboratory is available between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Thanks to this laboratory, we can ensure that we always have sufficient blood products available.

A team of voluntary workers is active alongside the staff in our Outpatient Department and will cater to your needs  throughout the morning. Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available.

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