Antenatal Preparation

Obstetrics Information Evening

An evening providing detailed information on the subject of birth is held at 8:00pm on the first Monday of every month in our Akzente restaurant. At these evenings, the Chief Physician together with a midwife and a nurse, will explain all you need to know about birth and answer your questions. This discussion is then followed by a guided tour of a delivery room. Pre-booking is not required.

Dates for 2013:

Mondays at 8:00pm

7th January, 4th February, 4th March, 8th April, 6th May, 3rd June, 1st July, 5th August, 2nd September, 7th October, 4th November and 2nd December


Delivery Room Tour

At 6:00pm on the third Tuesday of every month, we offer a guided tour of the delivery room for interested parties. During the tour, one of our midwives will explain all about the facilities and procedures and answer your questions. Pre-booking is not required, simply come to meeting point in the Gynaecological Outpatient Department on the 4th floor.

Dates for 2013:

Tuesdays at 6:00pm

15h January, 19th February, 19th March, 16th April, 21st May, 18th June, 16th July, 20th August, 17th September, 15th October, 19th November and 17th December


Other Events

Our associates, the Storchenbiss (‘Strawberry Mark’) association and the midwifery practices Kugelrund (‘Round as a Ball’) and Storchengruß (‘Stork's Greeting’) (in the town of Alsdorf) offer a comprehensive range of additional events on the subject of birth and infants. For further information, it is best to contact the organisations directly by telephone or to visit their websites:

Storchenbiss e.V.:

Our services at a glance:

  • Information evenings for parents-to-be
  • Delivery room tours
  • Antenatal classes (Storchenbiß and midwifery practices)
  • Gymnastics for pregnant mothers (Storchenbiß and midwifery practices)
  • Preventive care by midwives
  • Acupuncture in preparation for birth
  • Sibling training (Storchenbiß)
  • CTG: recording of foetal heart sounds and contractions
  • Ultrasound examinations: determination of the presentation and weight of the infant immediately before birth and for diagnostic purposes in the case of specific issues during pregnancy
  • Doppler sonography: ultrasound examination of the mother's and infant's vessels to allow early diagnosis of pathological changes, e.g. a reduction in nourishment via the placenta
  • Amniocentesis: sampling of amniotic fluid for genetic diagnostics
  • Screening for gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)
  • 24h blood pressure measurement for detection of high blood pressure during pregnancy
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