Clinic for Obstetrics

The obstetrical team, which is composed of midwives, inpatient midwives, obstetricians and the nursing staff of the integrative maternity ward, are delighted to welcome you to this webpage.

The birth of a child is a miracle of life that represents a very special and personal event for both the mother and the father. Our experienced team is also pleased to support you during your pregnancy if you are ever unable to contact your gynaecologist. A properly monitored pregnancy and effective preparation boost your confidence so that the delivery, the postpartum period and breastfeeding progress as smoothly as possible.

Our team of interdisciplinary staff provides family and guideline-oriented obstetrics services. Homeopathy, acupuncture and Bach flower remedies are available before and during labour, while a delivery bath for water births and a ‘delivery landscape’ are also available. We additionally offer a wide range of options for pain reduction, including peridural anaesthesia.

Care during Pregnancy


You may consult our department at any time outside of your gynaecologist's office hours. Complementary monitoring of your pregnancy is available if your specialist gives you a referral.

Obstetrical Consultation

At an obstetrical consultation, you have the opportunity to discuss your upcoming delivery in detail with the Chief Physician and/or one of our senior physicians. A special ultrasound examination and a CTG will also be carried out and details of your medical history will be taken. This consultation is particularly important for those who have experienced any unusual incidents in their current pregnancy or during previous births (e.g. misalignment of the foetus, previous caesarean sections or gestational diabetes). Please contact the secretary’s office in order to arrange an appointment.

For diagnostic procedures, state-of-the-art equipment is available for ultrasound and obstetrical Doppler sonography.

Care for pregnant women is based on the concept of integrative maternity nursing and the possibility of 24h rooming-in. Individual breastfeeding assistance is provided by breastfeeding advisors and a separate breastfeeding room ensures privacy.

A family room in the maternity ward offers the opportunity for the mother and father to experience the first days with their newborn baby together. Accommodation is otherwise provided in single or two-bed rooms. A generous breakfast buffet is served in the mornings.

Tests such as metabolic screening, sonography of the urogenital tract and hearing tests may be carried out on newborn babies during the first few days after the birth. In cases of neonatal jaundice, treatment with a special UV lamp is possible. The clinic works in close cooperation with the neonatology at the University Hospital Aachen, whose senior physicians also treat newborn babies at the hospital.

As part of our obstetrics care we work with the hospital’s "Storchenbiss" association (a non-profit-making association that offers courses about pregnancy and the postpartum period) and with the midwifery practices "Kugelrund" and "Storchengruß", which provide a variety of antenatal classes, precautions, sibling training and aftercare classes.

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