Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Ward

Information for Patients and Relatives

In our Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Ward, more nursing staff are available to care for the small number of patients than in a general ward because treatment is more extensive and considerably more time-consuming.

In this ward, the patient is connected to various measuring devices similar to those used in the operating theatre in order to ensure continuous monitoring. If necessary, a coma is induced and patients receive artificial respiration with the aid of a respirator. This continues only for as long as required by the patient's condition. In such cases, patients’ recovery is encouraged if they sense that they have visitors and they can ‘hear’ the voices of familiar individuals even if they are ‘asleep’.

Examinations in intensive care take place several times a day. Internal medicine patients are looked after by specialised intensive care staff, while surgical patients are cared for by specialist anaesthetist staff. At the same time, patients retain contact with their treating surgeon. This interdisciplinary concept creates optimum conditions for patients.

We ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please visit your relatives in small groups (of max. 2-3 people) or take turns
  • Visits by small children are best avoided
  • Only direct relatives are allowed in the rooms as visitors
  • Please do not bring any food, drink or flowers
  • Please understand that we are only allowed to provide information to direct relatives; this also applies to telephone enquiries

If you have any queries, please feel free to talk to the nurses and doctors on the ward.

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