Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical services for the Aachen district are provided by the Eschweiler and Stolberg hospitals and are performed by the so-called ‘on-the-ground’ emergency doctor in the emergency vehicle. On a weekly rota, the St.-Antonius-Hospital in Eschweiler and the Bethlehem Hospital in Stolberg provide an emergency doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At the St.-Antonius-Hospital, this emergency service is staffed exclusively by doctors from the Clinic for Anaesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care.

The ambulances of the Eschweiler and Stolberg fire and rescue departments are operationally coordinated at the emergency control centre in Simmerath.

The operational concept is based on the rendezvous method. This means that the ambulance and the emergency car travel separately to the site of the emergency, ensuring greater flexibility.

If there are two simultaneous emergencies, the rescue helicopter based in Merzbrück is also available from sunrise to sunset in good weather. The rescue helicopter is called Christoph Europa 1 as it also flies to Holland and Belgium if required. It is also responsible for the Aachen district and is manned by doctors from the Anaesthesia Clinic at the Aachen District Medical Centre (Würselen/Bardenberg).

If the helicopter is unable to fly due to bad weather or darkness, another emergency doctor is alerted from Würselen, the city of Aachen or the Düren district. This procedure is carried out by the Aachen District Control Centre based in Simmerath, which coordinates all missions in the Aachen district.

As far as possible, the emergency doctor treats patients at the scene and then decides on transport to the most suitable hospital. Preclinical lysis (a procedure for dissolving a thrombus occluding a vital blood vessel in the event of myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism) is also performed if our emergency doctors clearly ascertain that this is necessary.

If there is a major external emergency (with mass casualties) such as a motorway accident or a fire in a block of flats, a senior emergency doctor who has been specifically trained in coordinating and managing such situations in conjunction with other emergency services is called into action.

Three of these senior emergency doctors come from our Clinic for Anaesthesia and Surgical Intensive Care.

Senior emergency doctors also carry out the training and examination of emergency service personnel on behalf of the district health department.

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