Pre-anaesthetic Briefing (premedication)

Before each scheduled operation, it is very important for the anaesthetist to obtain an overview of the patient's state of health and physical fitness.

For ambulant patients, the consultation and examination take place in the Premedication Outpatient Department.

If patients are unable to attend the consultation for health reasons, we visit them on the ward in order to conduct the pre-anaesthetic briefing with them there.

Consultations are held daily (Mon - Fri) from 11:00am to 3:00pm

In this department, patients from all specialist departments are given advice on and informed about the types of anaesthesia suitable for them.

Please bring your ward file and any X-ray images to your consultation.

If you have any emergency ID cards such as a cardiac pacemaker card, marcumar card, anaesthetic or allergy pass, endocarditis prophylaxis card, etc., please also bring these with you.

You will already be issued a yellow or green pre-anaesthetic questionnaire containing a few questions about your personal details, state of health, previous operations and the medicines you are currently taking in the ward. This form also contains basic information about our anaesthetic procedures, which will help you to get an idea of which anaesthetic procedure may be most appropriate in your case and to think about any matters that you would like to discuss with the anaesthetist.

We kindly request that you complete this questionnaire before your consultation so that you can go through the form with your anaesthetist and jointly discuss any remaining questions.

This will help to significantly speed up the process both for us and for you!

If you are taking any medication, please bring a list of this medication and the respective dosages to your consultation.

After the examination and consultation, the anaesthetist will assess the results and help you to decide which form of anaesthesia is the safest and most comfortable option for you.

You will also be informed of the drugs that you should take on the evening before the operation and on the morning of the day of surgery. In order to alleviate your anxiety about the operation, we usually prescribe a sedative drug.

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