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The services of the Anaesthesia Clinic include the use of a range of anaesthetic procedures during surgical operations, postoperative treatment in the recovery room or in the interdisciplinary intensive care ward and emergency medical care for patients in the Aachen area.

Regular internal and inter-clinic training events ensure the quality of both our staff and our medical treatment. We follow all applicable expert guidelines and regularly update our treatment standards to guarantee the best possible patient care.

The Anaesthesia Clinic cares for patients from all of the specialist departments of the
St.-Antonius-Hospital. More than 10,000 patients from all risk groups, ranging from infants to elderly people, undergo anaesthesia every year. The clinic uses state-of–the-art methodology in both general anaesthesia and regional and local anaesthesia and  has a team of skilled and motivated doctors and specialist anaesthetic nurses.

Where necessary (which is the case for more than 1000 patients per year), the treatment is continued in the Interdisciplinary Intensive Care Ward, which is jointly managed with the Clinic for Internal Medicine. The patients in this ward are looked after by highly skilled intensive care experts and nurses using cutting-edge medical technology. We also attach great importance to ensuring that our patients receive human care and attention alongside high-tech medical care.

Emergency medical treatment with more than 3400 emergency doctor interventions a year represents another main treatment focus in the Anaesthesia Clinic. Qualified emergency doctors are on call 24/7, rotating with doctors at the Bethlehem Hospital in Stolberg on a weekly basis. These doctors treat patients in life-threatening situations directly on site and then accompany them to the most suitable hospital, ensuring that they receive optimum further treatment.

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