The Range of Services at the ERZ

The range of therapeutic services offered by the EuregioRehaZentrum include:

  • Outpatient orthopaedic/traumatological rehabilitation (DRV Rhineland, DRV Miners' Union - Rail - Sea, all health insurance schemes, private, direct payers and professional associations)
  • Outpatient cardiological rehabilitation (DRV Federation, DRV Rhineland, DRV Miners' Union - Rail - Sea, all health insurance schemes, private and direct payers)
  • Outpatient neurological rehabilitation (decision made in each individual case by the health insurance schemes)

The services offered for patients under all health insurance schemes, professional associations, private patients and direct payers include:

  • Individual physiotherapy (Bobath, PNF, osteopathy, craniosacral treatment, tape technique and manual therapy)
  • Individual physiotherapy in the kinotherapeutic bath
  • Group physiotherapy
  • Group physiotherapy in the kinotherapeutic bath
  • Pelvic floor exercises
  • Sports therapy
  • Combination treatment D1 (physiotherapy or sports therapy + 2 physical therapies)
  • Massages (including connective tissue massage and underwater massage)
  • Lymph drainage (including complete physical decongestive therapy)
  • Hot and cold therapy (Fango, etc.)
  • Electrical and ultrasound applications
  • Baths (with additives as required, underwater massages and Stanger bath)
  • Kneipp treatments (rinses, etc.)
  • Ergotherapy

The EuregioRehaZentrum treats patients...

  • With orthopaedic disorders (spine, bones, joints, muscles, etc.),
  • Following surgical joint replacement (endoprostheses of the hip, knee, shoulder and other joints),
  • Following ligament replacement plasty (cruciate ligament replacement in the knee joint, etc.)
  • Following other surgical interventions in orthopaedics / accident surgery on bones, joints, muscles and tendons
  • Following surgical operations on the spine (intravertebral disc surgery, etc.)
  • With diseases of the cardiocirculatory system
  • With neurological disorders
  • With gynaecological disorders
  • With urological disorders (pelvic floor exercises, etc.)
  • With/following many other diseases

The ERZ now has a new look thanks to extensive modernisation and conversion work. The modern treatment section (which also offers easy disabled access) in the Englerthstrasse is the home of the heart and soul of the new facility.

The facility has a training room containing the latest mechanical and electronic training equipment, which can be individually adapted for all specific needs, and a cardiological centre with the latest generation of computer-monitored ergometer equipment.

Treatment rooms, a water area and training and relaxation rooms are all located in close proximity.

These include:

  • Medical centre (specialists, diagnostics, counselling, therapy and organisation)
  • Orthopaedics/traumatology training centre (mechanical and electronic training apparatus)
  • Cardiology training centre (electronic bicycle ergometer unit)
  • Kinotherapeutic bath (11 x 5m, 1.35 deep, 32° C)
  • Individual and group therapy rooms
  • Baths (underwater massage, Stanger bath, alternating baths, 4-cell bath and carbon dioxide bath)
  • Kneipp therapy
  • Breathing therapy (Emser brine, etc.)
  • Dietary kitchen
  • Training and counselling rooms
  • Relaxation area
  • "Akzente" patients' restaurant

Particularly important:

  • Disabled access
  • Equipment for the disabled
  • Immediate proximity to the St.-Antonius-Hospital


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