History of the EBZ

Since February 2001, the Euregio Breast Centre (EBZ) has been the centre of choice for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. Since it was established, the centre has undergone a continuous process of improving the treatment of women suffering from breast cancer in cooperation with various regional hospitals. This process is annually monitored and approved by the technical inspection association TÜV SÜD and the scientific associations of the German Cancer Society (DKG) and German Society of Senology (DGS) with the aid of certification procedures.

Policy guidelines produced by the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2005 led to a change in the structure of the Euregio Breast Centre, which had previously involved the hospital working in conjunction with two other hospitals.

On 15th July 2005, the EBZ was restructured due to the large number of mammary carcinoma patients undergoing surgery every year and the existing treatment structures in the St.-Antonius-Hospital. As the sole legal successor, the St.-Antonius-Hospital dissolved its contractual partnership with its former associates and the Euregio Breast Centre has been exclusively part of the St.-Antonius-Hospital in Eschweiler ever since.

On 25th July 2005, the Euregio Breast Centre in the St.-Antonius-Hospital received official recognition as a breast centre from the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The year 2005 was therefore primarily marked by the restructuring of the breast centre, formerly consisting of an association of several regional institutions, into a breast centre exclusively managed by the St.-Antonius-Hospital. By summer 2005, treatment processes had been reanalysed, corresponding workflows had been laid down in the quality management manual and the EBZ forms were redesigned to reflect the centre’s independence from its former contractual partners.

September 2005 saw recertification of the centre by the TÜV Süd and recertification in line with the professional requirements of the DGS and DKG by Onko Zert. The Euregio Breast Centre was highly praised by the auditors, above all for the commitment of its specialist staff and for the exemplary care given to patients. The results of the joint certification proved to be very positive.

In January 2006, the EBZ was awarded initial certification by the Council of Physicians of Westphalia/Lippe (ÄKZert.). The centre has since been awarded 3 further quality labels.

A cytostatic laboratory including a new cytostatic workstation was set up in specially equipped rooms under the supervision of the pharmacy of the St.-Antonius-Hospital in July 2006. Cytostatic agents are prepared in this laboratory under the supervision of a pharmacist in compliance with high quality standards.

The Pathology Institute has run a histology laboratory on the premises of the St.-Antonius-Hospital since October 2006. For certain surgical operations, histological analysis of mammary or lymph node preparations can be performed quickly by this facility.

The Joint Practice for Radiotherapy was completed at the St.-Antonius-Hospital in November 2006 and became a new contractual partner of the EBZ for the radiotherapeutic treatment of EBZ patients.

As a result, the Euregio Breast Centre at the St.-Antonius-Hospital in Eschweiler can now offer its patients comprehensive therapeutic treatment.

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