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The Euregio Breast Centre (EBZ) is a certified breast centre that is recognised by the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


It is located within the St.-Antonius-Hospital and is operated by the Clinics for Gynaecology, Haematology and Oncology and Plastic surgery.

The centre works in close cooperation with the Joint Practice for Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine at the St. Antonius Hospital, which has helped us to offer the full range of on-site tumour treatment since the end of 2006. We also work in close cooperation with private physicians in the region of Aachen, Düren and Heinsberg, as well as with psychotherapists, women's self-help groups, social services and pastoral workers.

Special psycho-oncological care of our female patients is a key factor at our centre during both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Our specialist female counsellor for women with breast diseases is available throughout the entire course of treatment to provide a link with the specialist departments involved in the therapy.

Forming a close bond with and working together with our patients helps us not only to achieve the EBZ’s goals but also to continuously improve our services:

  • Encouraging early screening for breast cancer
  • Holistic treatment and care of women with breast cancer with the help of all relevant medical and social institutions
  • Improved rate of cure
  • Improved quality of life for affected women
  • Standardised performance of diagnostics and treatment of breast cancer in accordance with quality criteria recognised in Germany and on a European level

As part of the treatments offered by a modern and forward-looking hospital, all of the resources of the St.-Antonius-Hospital are available at the centre for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the female breast.

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