Cooperation and Treatment

We offer the optimum basis for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases through the structured collaboration of specialist cooperation partners from various different disciplines.

Clinic for Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Surgery

Specialist Angiology Department in the Clinic for Internal Medicine

Radiology Practice, Eschweiler

Other internal cooperation partners at the SAH:

Clinic for General and Chest Surgery, Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Medicine, Clinic for Plastic Surgery, Clinic for Trauma Surgery and Surgery, Clinic for Haematology and Oncology, Clinic for Urology and Paediatric Urology, Clinic for Interdisciplinary Early Rehabilitation, Centre for Sport and Health at the St.-Antonius-Hospital Eschweiler e.V.

The following treatments offered by the Vascular Centre are provided by external cooperation partners:

Close cooperation exists between the vascular surgery department at the St.-Antonius-Hospital in Eschweiler and the Specialist Department for Neurology at the Augustinus Hospital in Lendersdorf. A senior physician comes from the hospital in Lendersdorf to Eschweiler every day for consultations, while the hospital’s Stroke Unit admits patients from the Vascular Centre on a short-term basis. Patients with symptomatic carotid stenosis are transferred from the Stroke Unit to the Vascular Centre for surgery. Urgent consultations and emergency indications are also promptly dealt with as a result of this cooperation.

The "Gefäßkooperation Kreis Aachen" (Aachen District Vascular Cooperation) association also provides the Vascular Centre with specialist services, namely two specialists in dermatology, a dermatologist with additional qualifications in phlebology, a specialist for diabetology and surgeons, orthopaedists, house physicians, etc., all working on an outpatient basis.

Other external cooperation partners include the Clinic for Vascular Surgery and Clinic for Cardiac and Chest Surgery of the University Clinic in Aachen, private specialists in dermatology, phlebology, orthopaedics and clinical medicine and a practice for laboratory medicine.

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