Range of Services

The Vascular Centre offers the entire range of invasive and conservative angiological vascular medicine procedures:

  • All vascular surgical interventions on the arterial system, except for use of the heart-lung machine
    • Specialisations:
    • Surgery on the carotid (the neck artery) and Stent implantation. Stents are small metal mesh structures which, because of their tubular shape, are capable of preventing further vascular occlusions.
    • Aortic surgery - surgical operations in the event of dangerous bulges, narrowing and occlusions of the abdominal aorta and other specific requirements and the implantation of Stents in the aortic region
    • Reconstruction of peripheral vessels and bypass surgery, i.e. circumvention of a bottleneck in the vascular area
    • Crural bypass - creation of a bypass down to the lower leg and foot, for example in the event of complications due to diabetes, in cooperation with the Diabetological Department
    • Shunt surgery - surgical creation, extension and displacement of links between arteries and veins, particularly in dialysis patients
    • Arterial lysis therapy for specific parts of the body for medication-based dissolution of blood clots in the event of acute vascular occlusions
    • Outpatient and inpatient treatment of varices using varicose vein surgery in line with the latest medical knowledge
  • Balloon catheter angioplasty and Stent implantation, generally on a short-stay inpatient basis under local anaesthesia, in all vascular regions
  • Angiological and phlebological diagnostics
    • Colour Duplex sonography, extracranial and peripheral Doppler ultrasonography and phlebodynamometry
    • All radiological vascular diagnostics: DSA, CT , angio CT, NMR angiography and phlebography
  • Treatment of crural ulcers (lower leg ulcers)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic diseases
  • Treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • Instruction in vascular training

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Operations on the thoracic aorta are performed in cooperation with the University Clinic for Vascular Surgery in Aachen.

Twenty-four beds in the vascular ward are available for inpatient treatment. If necessary, vascular patients who have just undergone surgery can be cared for in the recovery room. Patients at risk are treated postoperatively in the interdisciplinary intensive care ward.

The vascular surgeons have completed all of the necessary further professional training in endovascular surgery and are responsible for interventional radiology.

The full range of diagnostic procedures for arterial, venous and lymphatic diseases and small operations are conducted on an outpatient basis. For this purpose, the patients are referred to the Vascular Outpatient Department by the specialist.

The Vascular Centre offers vascular surgery and angiology consultations.

Emergency treatments and emergency admissions are performed at any time of the day and night through the Emergency Centre at the St.-Antonius-Hospital. Specialist vascular surgeons offer a 24-hour standby service.

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