Welcome to Our Hospital!

As a denominational hospital...

  • We represent Christian values
  • We orient our care towards our patients
  • We provide top-quality medical care and are innovative and modern
  • We allow people to die in dignity
  • We use a sound management approach and invest in the quality of the care provided
  • We are attractive associates for cross-sectoral networking and care
  • We guarantee regional care and close gaps in service provision
  • We are committed to training
  • We enrich competition and guarantee a wide range of options
  • We successfully integrate voluntary commitment into patient care

Our hospital attaches great importance to offering the personal touch, a comfortable clinic environment and excellent services in addition to highly qualified medical treatment and nursing care. We want to aid your recovery by providing a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and want you, the patient, to feel at home in our hospital despite your illness.

As a consenting adult patient, you are entitled to be informed about all of the relevant circumstances of your treatment in our institution at all times. This is why we have compiled a wealth of information about us for your benefit on the following pages. If you still have any enquiries, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Please note that the sections "Medical Clinics" and "Centres" are available in multiple languages.

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Academic teaching hospital of the RWTH technical university, Aachen

  • Catholic parish of St. Peter and Paul

Dechant-Deckers-Str. 8
52249 Eschweiler

+49 2402 - 76-1119

St.-Antonius-Hospital gGmbH
Dechant-Deckers-Str. 8
52249 Eschweiler
tel.: 02403 76 - 0
fax: 02403 76 -1119

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