Range of Services

  • Balloon catheter angioplasty and Stent implantation,
    generally on a short-stay inpatient basis under local anaesthesia in all vascular regions
  • All vascular surgical interventions on the arterial system, except for use of the heart-lung machine, with the main specialisations:

    • Carotid surgery and Stent implantation
    • Aortic surgery (abdominal artery) and aortic Stent implantation
    • Peripheral vascular reconstructions and bypass surgery
    • Crural bypass surgery (pertaining to the lower leg)
    • Shunt surgery including shunt dilations and shunt displacements
    • Varicose vein surgery including surgery performed on an outpatient basis
    • Arterial locoregional lysis therapy
  • An entire spectrum of modern vascular surgical and conservative angiological treatment methods
  • Angiological and phlebological diagnostics
    • Colour Duplex sonography, extracranial and peripheral Doppler ultrasonography and phlebodynamometry
    • All radiological vascular diagnostics: DSA, CT , angio CT, NMR angiography andphlebography
  • Treatment of crural ulcers (lower leg ulcers)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic diseases
  • Treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
  • Instruction in vascular training


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