Voluntary work

Volunteers have been helping with cancer patients for over 20 years.

These volunteers serve drinks and snacks to cancer patients during outpatient treatment. They are always ready to sympathetically listen to patients’ worries and problems or to just sit and have a chat to while away the waiting or treatment period.
Every week, the volunteers organise a very popular coffee afternoon on oncological ward 6 A.

Volunteer visitors need to have a high degree of empathy for patients and their relatives. Our volunteers visit ‘their’ patients regularly over a prolonged period of time and also go to see them in their homes.

Our handicrafts group makes seasonal decorations for patients' rooms and organises a Christmas bazaar to help raise funds for the Friends Association.
The financial support provided by the Friends Association enables us to provide additional items for cancer patients.

Please also refer to "Volunteers in the Outpatient Department"



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