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The Right Treatment for Every Diagnosis

Our holistic approach to the healing process is reflected in the hospital's structure, which focuses on providing comprehensive care. The broad spectrum of our specialist medical departments is reflected in an equally wide choice of treatments, of which the following diagram provides an initial overview. Further information can be obtained from the respective clinic pages and/or the quality report.

It is important that patients can choose their treatment. Cancer, for example, can be treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. A hospital that can offer its patients all three treatment methods under one roof is not limited in its treatment recommendations and decisions.

Individual medical skills are grouped together so that all of the necessary disciplines come together to treat the individual symptoms of every single patient and optimum combination treatments can be provided if appropriate.

Patients also need to be looked after once they have been discharged from hospital. As a result, St.-Antonius-Hospital offers outpatient home nursing care alongside outpatient rehabilitation (orthopaedic, cardiologic and musculoskeletal). This enables us to guarantee lasting treatment success.

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